Stop Payments

You can place a stop payment on a check you wrote from your account or on an electronic item you authorized to be debited from your account as long as the item has not yet cleared your account. You may NOT place a stop payment on a VISA Debit Card transaction even it is a recurring debit.

All requests will be posted the same business day they are received (if received before 4PM Monday thru Friday). The stop payment request is not guaranteed if the item has already been presented for payment at the credit union or at a shared service center.

Check Stop Payment Form

Has the check already cleared your account?
Yes. Stop Pay cannot be placed. If the check was fraudulently cashed, contact our office for the correct form.
No. Check Stop Pay Form must be completed.

Was the check cashed or presented for payment at a Shared Service Center location?
Yes. Stop Pay cannot be placed.
No. Check Stop Pay Form must be completed but requires 24 hours before stop pay is assured.

Stop Payment Fee applies, see Rate and Fee Schedule

ACH Stop Payments

Has the ACH item cleared your checking or savings account?
Yes. Complete an ACH Dispute Form however Bill Pay disputes must be file from within EBranch web site – call member services for assistance on how to file this dispute.
No. Complete an ACH Stop Payment Form. IMPORTANT: If we are not provided, or cannot locate, the company ID or financial institution origination information for the disputed item then the stop pay will be place based on the AMOUNT ONLY. The Credit Union cannot be held liable if the amount provided is inaccurate or is changed by the merchant presenting the debit.
Merchant MUST be advised by you that you have requested a Stop Payment.

Stop Payment Fee applies, see Rate and Fee Schedule

VISA Debit Card Dispute Form

Did you authorize the transaction using your VISA Debit Card number?
Yes. Contact the merchant directly for a remedy or to register a dispute. If the Merchant is unresponsive then complete the Merchant Dispute Form.
No. Unauthorized transactions should be reported to the credit union immediately by completing a Fraud Dispute Form.

Call Member Service if you require assistance completing this form at (404) 676-2586 or toll free (877) 277-2586. Complete all forms and sign as required. Return by fax to 404-598-2586 or scan and attach to an email to All requests are posted the same day if received by 4PM.

*Please do not submit confidential or sensitive information using email method of communication