Credit Cards

Your credit card should offer convenience, not high costs, which is why we offer the VISA® Platinum credit card*. Why spend more on fees and interest charges than you have to? Discover the savings of our VISA® Platinum credit card.

Our VISA® Platinum credit card includes the following benefits:

  • No annual fee
  • No additional fees for cash advances
  • No transaction fee for purchases
  • Secured cards available
  • 25-day grace period
  • No minimum finance charge
  • Worldwide cash/ATM access
  • Convenience checks
  • Easy balance transfers
  • Computation based on average daily balance
  • No transaction fee on cash advances from your credit union
  • Credit limits up to 20% of annual salary*
  • Online account access

Choose The Card That Works For You:Platinum VISA®
Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases As low as 10.25%*
Grace Period for Repayment of the Balance for Purchases None
Method of Computing the Balance for PurchasesAverage Daily Balance, including new purchases
Annual Fees None
Transaction Fees for cash advances and fees for paying late Late payment fee: $20.00

Apply for a VISA® Platinum credit card now.

We are scheduled to begin deactivating all credit cards that do not contain the new VISA Smart Chip 30 days after shipment of the new Smart Chip credit cards. To ensure access to your accounts, please activate your new VISA Smart Chip credit card immediately upon receipt.

New EMV Credit Card FAQs

To activate your new card, here’s a quick reminder of some important information that all active credit cardholders will need to know about their new cards:

  • Card Activation. To activate your card, use one of the options below:
    • Call (866) 8883-8472 from the primary phone number of record and verify the last 4 digits of the SSN for activation
    • Use credit card activation link for your account in online banking
    • International Members, Contact Member Services (877) 277-2586 for Card Activation.
  • PIN Change:
    • You can change your PIN from any touch tone phone. Cardholders are required to know your current PIN in order to use this system. You may call the audio PIN change line from any phone number.
    • You will receive a PIN mailer with the new PIN number about 5 days after you receive your new card.
  • Report or lost/stolen credit card by calling:
    • (800) 442-4757
  • Transaction Disputes:
    • Disputes need to be in writing.
    • Visit and select Customer Service. Then select ‘File a Transaction Dispute’ and follow the prompts.

For more details on our VISA® Platinum credit card, please contact a Member Service Representative at 404-676-2586 or 877-277-2586.

*Subject to credit approval; rates may vary depending on individual credit history and underwriting factors; all loan programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Ask a loan representative for details.

MINIMUM PAYMENT: The minimum monthly payment will be either 3.00% of your total new balance or $25.00, whichever is greater; plus any portion of the minimum payment(s) shown on prior statement(s) which remains unpaid. In addition, at any time your total new balance exceeds your credit line, you must immediately pay the excess.

COLLECTION COSTS: You promise to pay all costs of collecting the amount you owe under this agreement including court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

LATE CHARGE: A charge of $20.00 will apply to your monthly payment that is over 10 days past due.


PHONE INFORMATION AND MAILING ADDRESS: For all purposes as referenced in the Credit Card Agreement and Truth in Lending Disclosure call us at (404) 676-2586, or write to us at:
Coca-Cola Credit Union
P.O. Box 1734
Atlanta, GA 30301.

*Subject to credit approval; rate may vary depending on credit history and underwriting factors; all loan programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.