MARTA Transit Breeze Card


The Credit Union will no longer accept payments for and distribute Marta Passes. Please take note of the dates and information below.

  • November 4
    • Credit Union will start deleting automatic payments for MARTA passes
  • November 5
    • Last day of Credit Union to accept payments for MARTA passes from associates and retirees
    • December passes will be the last ones to be paid by the Credit Union for everyone except WOCC contractors
  • November 19 - new system goes live
    • Current and new subscribers will be able to go to, log in, register, select transit and follow the steps. You will receive detailed instructions in an email from on how to navigate this process
  • What is a BREEZE Card?
    • The BREEZE Smart Card was implemented to replace existing disposable MARTA Monthly Ride Cards currently used by MARTA transit system riders.

      The new Breeze Card issued by the credit union is a special ‘corporate’ card and is only available to Atlanta companies offering transit subsidies. It can ONLY be reloaded by payment to Coca-Cola Credit Union.

  • How much is the card?
    • The discount KO associate price for the Breeze Card is $23.75. A fee of $2.00 will be charged for new and replacement cards.

  • Who can purchase the card?
    • The discounted price is only available to KO/CCR employees (red or gold badge), and Alumni (green badge). If you are not an KO or CCR employee, you may purchase a Breeze card at any MARTA station.

  • How will I purchase the card?
    • To obtain your permanent corporate Breeze Card, visit the AOC Credit Union branch and complete a sign up form. You must pay for the card at the time the form is completed. The only acceptable form of payment for non-members of the credit union is cash. Credit Union members have the option of enrolling in recurring automatic Breeze Card payments. The funds will be withdrawn from selected account on the 3rd of each month.

  • When can I purchase the card?
    • The Breeze Card enrollment process takes 30 days. Please see the Breeze Payment Calendar for specific payment periods.

  • What happens if I miss the deadline for purchasing the card?
    • You can purchase a regular, reloadable Breeze Card at any MARTA station but you will pay full price.

  • Can I purchase multiple cards?
    • Only ONE card may be purchased at the discounted price. If you need additional Breeze Cards, the cards can be purchased at full price at any MARTA station.

  • Once I purchase the card, will I receive a discount if I load the card at a Marta Station?
    • This is a special corporate Breeze Card and it cannot be loaded at MARTA stations.

  • When will I receive my card?
    • The cards are available for pick up the last week of each month. You will receive an email informing you that your card is ready and available for pick up.